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Life is An Ongoing Pizza

...Comes Together Slice By Slice

15 July
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i'm not exactly "up-to-date" when it comes to style in music, or tv, and what not. i like the old-school stuff a bit more. america's crazy these days.. lol.. not like i was alive in too much of a different era.. oh well.. not to brag or anything, but its hard not to laugh around me. i'm "crazy like that", and love being AND having fun. I'm a "drama geek" so carpe diem, all my compadres, or future ones! um.. lol, anyhoo.. CLOTHES: i pretty much wear whatever i feel like wearing, generally i dont match... but judging people by their clothes is pretty dumb anyway, if you ask me! PERFECT DATE: My date arrives wearing a duck costume w/ hemp pants underneath, the first thing they say is "Hey there fancy pants!" (in an irish accent) the date consists of going to the theatre, and this perfect night ends with something cool... lol

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